Mudo College of Taekwondo


Mr. Berry started Martial Arts at a young age he enjoyed it so much that when he decided to go into the United States Navy he carried on with his dream join the Navy Taekwondo Team. Traveling the world and competing in the art working very hard to be the man he is today. Opening his school in the 80s here in Orange Park , Florida . Taekwondo and Hapkido  has been a big part of his life learning the Korean Culture and Language . Their are two types of the Korean Art ( Sport and Traditional ) as a result of Master Berry s success as a athlete and teacher at the Olympic level he has been inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009.

We are so very proud of what he has done in the art and also made his school the oldest Martial Art School in Clay County and yes we take pride in that .

I have been a teacher at Mudo College for years my husband and I work together to make this the best school ever. I have studied Korean Art and Language since 1980  it is not just pretty flowers and beautiful country sides its a lot more watching my husband in this art . To me it is about mind body and soul it is your temple one will not work without the other . Taekwondo has giving me so much and my husband and I decided if and when we have children they all so will learn the Art . So back to me teaching kids we call them ( Peewees ) .  Ages of 4 to 6 this is a great age to teach them . Minds are like little sponges we work hard to learn and have fun ( street awareness , good touch and bad touch ) its okay to say NO !  working with the parents and letting them know its okay to give them tools they need in every day life to be safe. Its a great feeling when you see them grow up and then bring their own children to you. I love being a teacher.  

Master Berry ( Head Instructor )

Certified Coach / Referee

Mrs . Linda Berry

Korean Marital Art